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Brodi products have DUO certificate

12. January 2015

Brodi products have DUO certificate

We have DUO Certificate – that means that most of our products are products of art and craft. 20 years ago when we decided for our craft we followed our family tradition. We started making a unique products made out of natural leather and products of small series. For us, the most important factors at our products are quality and design. We are paying a lot of attention to this, since we want to make the best leather products in Slovenia. Theme and colour combinations on our products are unique and matchless and they are all made in our workshop. Our products were examined by Domestic Arts and Crafts Section for DUO Certificate. Since our products fulfill their criteria, we received the certificate. Domestic Arts and Crafts Section is a part of the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia. That is an umbrella organization comprising the craft and small business chamber system jointly with 62 regional chambers of craft and small business.

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Jožica Pažur
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