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Points of sale

You can find us in our branch office in Slovenia - Tržič :  
Brodi Tržič PE Za Mošenikom 9 from Monday - Thursday from 9am till 5pm, Friday from 8am till 3pm. Saturday, Sunday and Holidays closed. 

With our stands we are also present at locations in Slovenia:

Domžale - Mercator: from 8. till 10.11.

Lesce - Mercator: from 9. till 10.11.

Domžale -Mercator: from 15. till 16.11.

Kranj - Mercator Savski otok: from 16. till 17.11.

Škofja Loka - Mercator: 16. till 17.11.

Domžale - Mercator: from 22. till 23.11.

Hvala za copate. Moja 2,5 letna Sara je komentirala: Joj mami, te so pa prav fini copatki. Pa zeleni so, z Nodijem!

Nina Vencelj
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