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The consumer's right in the period of 14 calendar days from receiving the package (counting from the first day after delivery date) is to inform the provider of withdrawing from contract, without having to state the reason for this decision. The only costs that bound the consumer in connection with the cancellation of the contract is the cost of returning the products. These have to be delivered to the address of the provider within 14 days from the notification of withdrawal sent to the e-mail

The consumer has no right to withdraw from the contract if the products in question have been made according to the consumer's wishes and needs, or are by nature not suitable to be returned.

Received products must be returned intact and in the same amount; unless the products are damaged, defective, lost, or their quantity decreased, without the fault of the consumer.

The consumer must not use the products freely until the withdrawal. The consumer is only free to test products to the extent of establishing the actual state. Testing products that differs from the use mentioned means that the products have been used freely, and that the consumer no longer has the right to withdraw from the contract.  

When withdrawing from a contract where a promotion code has been used, it is treated as a discount and not returned (only the amount actually paid is returned), except if a gift token has been used. Gift tokens are treated as one of the means of payment and are returned to the customer after withdrawal, the paid amount is returned to the user's bank account.

Refunds will be made as soon as possible, but no later than 14 days after receiving the notification of withdrawal from the contract. To ensure certainty and accuracy, as well as refund in time with payment records, refunds are only made to the customers' bank accounts. Refunds in cash are not possible.

Returning products to the provider within the period of withdrawal is considered as a notification of withdrawal from the contract.

In exceptional cases when products are not returned in accordance to Consumer Protection Act, we can offer the consumer to buy products with restitution, estimated with a report of returning products. Purchase with lower amount is taken into account after the consumer’s confirmation per e-mail. The consumer can only include the restitution into another order of the same or bigger value.

The right for refund, warranty, factual defect and incorrect services are stated in detail in the Consumer Protection Act.

Nevertheless, we will be happy if you provide a reason or an explanation when withdrawing from contract, since we hope to improve our work in creating an assortment suitable to each and every buyer. You can also help us raise the quality of our services.   

Returning products; for legal entities 

If you wish an invoice for a company, you accept the terms of business that apply to companies. The main difference is in the possibilities for withdrawal from the contract. We enable companies, sole proprietors and other legal entities to return products in terms of warranty. However, the mentioned organisations have no right to withdraw from contract in 14 days from receiving products without having to state the reason, as possible for consumers (natural persons). Unfortunately, refunds are not an option.

Porocno darilo je super. Mladoporočenca sta bilazelo zelo vesela in navdušena nad darilom. Ko sta si copatke bolj podrobno ogledala in ugotovila, da so zelo precizno in z dušo narejeni, sta bila čisto prevzeta in več kot zadovoljna. Tudi jaz vas moram pohvaliti in vam dati več kot oceno 10. Hvala za tako lepe copate.

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