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Kids leather slippers Brodies are recommended by experts

6. February 2015

Kids leather slippers Brodies are recommended by experts

For our children we all want all the best. Development of their legs is extremely important and crucial in their first years of walking. We had an interview with physiotherapist Katja Logar about what is the best for our children.

What is happening with the child's foot in their first months?

Child's foot in their first months is completely unadjusted for burden and walking. With kicking and crawling they are strengthening foot muscles and preparing foot for burdens in standing and walking.

How the development of foot arc goes?

Foot arc appear in a period between three and five years of age. Studies showed that supporting the foot arch at normal developed foot does not have any positive effect. Foot arch has to be developed together with the use of foot muscles. Child has to prepare his foot for taking the load of his body weight, starting with attempts to crawl, to stand on his fingers, with shifting body weights. Good coordination, balance and poise is developed with correct foot loadings. When child starts to walk, he should walk bare foot as much as possible. Bare foot walking stimulates different sensors, develops muscles, which enables correct and smooth development of foot arch and walking mechanism.

What kind of footwear is the most suitable for children’s?

Main task of child´s footwear (slippers, shoes) is protection from the cold and sharp objects. They should be made out of natural, soft materials with flat flexible foot sole. Footwear must allow undisturbed shifting of weight, good foot feel and should not limit the movement. Brodike are exactly that kind of slippers. Children will be impressed and will love this comfortable and soft slippers. They are made out of soft high quality natural leather. Due to its soft nonslip sole, child’s foot will adjust to the ground surface (floor) and will be able to develop foot muscles. Because of nonslip sole, child will also have a firm grip with the surface.

Why did experts recommended hard heel support in the past?

Hard heel support offers only passive support, therefore muscles are not active and cannot develop, which is not good. Today we are looking on a human being as a whole. If we take a house as an example. The foundations are crucial for all statics and stability of the house. The same is with human body, everything starts with the foot. It there are some irregularities in the foot they reflects to knee, hip, pelvis and spine. In this case we need an orthopaedic footwear, which are prescript and made by experts. They are done individually with irregularity corrections purpose or to enable functionality. Concepts in physical therapy tend to activation and not to passivity. As mentioned, in the case of any irregularity expert recommends appropriate footwear, but if everything is OK, than the most suitable footwear is made out of soft natural materials, with flat flexible sole.

Danes sem prejela copatke - čudoviti so! Male nogice so jih takoj zadovoljno pomerile :-) Hvala in lep pozdrav do naslednjega narocila.

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